Everything is naturally filled

I think

When my body becomes unhealthy , I’m not well.

When my body is healthy , I’m so happy.

I think

When I look at the destruction of nature, my heart is dying.

When I see beautiful nature, my energy rejuvenates and my heart rejuvenates.

The natural body and nature are not natural.

Although there is a word “諸行無常”, things are constantly changing and do not stay in the same state.

I thought.

At this moment, thanks to the body and thanks to nature.
We are thankfull that that We ourself are alive now.

And it covers all the environments .
I am alive because my family, my fellows, and all people are turning around the society.

Live thanks to everything. Thanks my family, Thanks JAPAN, Thanks your coutrry, Thanks the earth.

The heart is already rich and everything is naturally filled.

The world will become peacefull.

* In my blog,I offer information about bodiy misalignment.
I think that physical and mental disorders are largely environmental factors.
“If you face your body.Your body will be better than it is now.”